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Hard hat Stickers — Company Logos, Apprentice Fun and More

White MSA hard hat with American flag, Union sticker.

A Scenario 

You’re new to a job site and the apprentice “Jimmy” (yeah it's always a Jimmy) does that one thing that apprentices do. You’ll have that special sticker parked on your clipboard to go slap on his hard hat. 

It’s a die-cut sticker of a green-handled-board-stretcher. Carpenters will understand this one. 

For electricians, it could also be a finger in the socket “don't feed the apprentice after midnight” image. 

Went out of state on a run to help with snow storm or tornado repair want to have a cool sticker that shows off what you did and where? Well, you can have it custom printed.

Let's not forget about the steelworkers and miners out there. We all know they love fun hard hat stickers, too. 

So, show off local Union pride, a cause your company supports, or something you want to take a jab at. Order your custom hard hat stickers today.

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