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Type 1 Hard Hat Standards | CustomHardHats.com

Type 1 Hard Hat Certified hard Hats | CustomHardHats.com

Type 1: These helmets are meant to reduce the force of impact from a blow only to the top of the head; CSA: Helmet protects the crown of the head only.  These helmets are NOT meant to reduce impact from any other direction, such as laterally.

Our Hard Hat options below meet the Type 1 Standard:

MSA Hard Hats
ERB Hard Hats
Fibre-Metal Hard Hats
MSA Hard Hats | CustomHardHats.com
ERB Hard Hats | CustomHardHats.com
Fibre-Metal Hard Hats | CustomHardHats.com
Freedom Series Hard Hats
Western Outlaw Hard Hats
Freedom Series Hard Hats | CustomHardHats.com
Western Outlaw Hard Hats | CustomHardHats.com