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Custom Hard Hat Printing & Customization Guide


The Complete Guide to Ordering Custom Logo-Printed Hard Hats for Your Company at is the easiest way to get a name, graphic or your company logo printed on a quality, OSHA-approved hard hat! Follow these steps to submit your order. We’ll walk you through the process to design and order your custom hard hat


Step 1 - Select & Configure Your Hard Hat 👷‍♂️

A selection of rainbow colored hard hatsBrowse our selection of hard hats, sorted by color, brand and style. We have a wide variety of options from trusted brands ERB, Fibre-Metal and MSA, including cap-style and full-brim helmets, as well as ventilated helmets ideal for keeping cool in hot conditions. 

All hard hat models at Custom Hard are ANSI Z89.1 Type-1 certified and OSHA approved for the protection you demand on the job site (except for the ERB Bump Cap which is not ANSI certified). We have many resources to help you compare different hard hat models and select the hard hat model that’s right for you

Once you’ve chosen the model and color you want, begin filling out the product configurator on the product page. Select the quantity of hats you want as well as the suspension and sweatbands you want included with your hard hats. 


Step 2 - Upload Your Logo 💻

An example showing how to upload logo to custom hard hats website when ordering.Next, submit the logo or graphic you want printed on your hard hat. Our printer requires a vectorized .eps file for proper print output. You’ll also be able to define the color or colors you want your logo printed in.

What is a Vector Logo? 
All hard hats require a vectorized logo for printing. A vector logo consists of lines and curves that are mathematically defined objects. That means they can scale to any size and print on curved surfaces clearly. 

If you do not have an acceptable file, we offer a vectorization service to recreate most logos for $35. We can accept any common filetype such as a .jpg, .png or .bmp for this service. 

What Colors Are Available? 

We offer 14 standard colors for your logo imprint at the standard rate. Choose from the colors below, or provide details on a custom color with your order for a higher fee. We can print in any PANTONE Solid Coated color when you provide the PANTONE color number.



Our Standard Color Swatches include Yellow (PMS 109), Yellow Orange (PMS 137), Pink (PMS 233), Medium Blue (PMS 286), Reflex Blue (PMS Reflex Blue), Dark Green (PMS 357), Light Gray (Cool Gray 4), White, Orange (PMS Orange 021), Red (PMS 186), Light Blue (PMS 300), Dark Blue (PMS 289), Green (PMS 356), Brown (PMS 168), Dark Gray (Cool Gray 10), and Black.


What’s the Difference Between 1-Color, 2-Color, 3-Color and 4-Color Logo?

Simple logos that are all the same color - like the iconic Nike swoosh, for example - only need one color to print. But if your logo has a more intricate design with multiple colors, 4-color printing will be required. Identify how many distinct colors you have in your logo and choose that many colors. Our graphic design team can help you flatten a multi-color logo to look great when printed with just 1, 2, 3 or 4 colors. 


Got questions? Don’t worry! You can reach out to our sales associates for assistance. You’ll also get a digital proof via email for your approval after you submit your order before your order goes to print!


Step 3 - Provide Instructions 🔧

A completed customized yellow hard hat with a logo printed on the front of the shellHere is where you can provide any special details or requests for our print team. You can define custom colors or request standard colors here. If you uploaded an .eps logo file, we’ll use the file you provided. Or, if you uploaded a different image file, we’ll create the .eps vector art from the file you provide here. 

If you chose to have names printed on the hard hats, you can also provide a list of names to print. Just make sure you provide the same number of names as the quantity of hats in your order! 

Once we receive your order, you'll get a digital proof to ensure your hats will come out looking exactly the way you expect. Then, simply approve the proof or send any feedback or questions you may have. After we receive your final approval, we'll get started on printing your custom hard hat order!


Questions? Give us a call at (320) 391-5270 or email [email protected] for expert help.