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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I add a logo to a hard hat?
Yes! You can add up to four logos onto your logo hard hats. We can print on the front, back, right side and left side of most hard hats. We can print up to four colors per logo.
How do you print the logo on a hard hat? Is it a sticker?
No, we do not print decals or stickers for hard hats. We use a high quality ink to print directly onto the hat. It is cured so water and weather do not wash it off. We color match your logo to a specific pantone color. This process is the reason we have specific print areas for each hard hat. This results in a higher quality product than a decal. 
How many logos can I print on one hard hat?
You can print up to four logos on each hat. The front, back, left and right sides all have a print area.
What is the print area for the hard hats?
Each hat has a different print area. It also depends on how many colors you have in your logo. Each hard hat will have the print size listed on the product page. 
Example: A two color logo on the front of the MSA V-gard hard hat has the maximum print area of 2.875" W x 2" H
Can my logo have as many colors as I want?
Since we print with ink directly onto the hard hats with a pad printing process, our limit per logo is four colors. Keep in mind that if your logo exceeds this amount, our graphic designers would love to work with you to design or implement a plan to reduce your logo to four colors or less by still keeping your brand consistent. 

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Are there artwork fees?
The only art fee involved is if you agree to have our graphic designers redesign your logo to the correct format for print. The file necessary for print is an .AI or .EPS file. The files need to be vectorized. If you only have a jpeg, pdf, png or any other file type feel free to send us over the logo so we can have a look. The art fee is $35 and you get to keep the file when we are finished! This file will be at your disposal for future use. 
Can I customize my hard hat with names?
Absolutely! We actually encourage it! This is what makes our company unique. We offer both a great quality product, as well as the option to customize. You can select the "add name" option for each location on the custom logo hard hat. Feel free to let us know which font and color to use for the names to ensure your satisfaction with the customization. 
Do you have to order a certain amount of hats?
You can order as many hats as you need. We do have a minimum order fee of $50 if you order less than 36 hard hats. Please contact us for a custom quote if you are looking to order a variety of different colors and styles.
Can I order one sample hat to see if I like it?
Although we guarantee a quality product, we understand that your brand identity means a lot to you and you need to make sure the colors and quality are spot-on. For that reason, you can simply order a sample hat with or without printing. If the sample needs printing, we do need to charge the $50 fee for the first order. If you decide to order more hats in the future you will not be charged the $50 fee again if you order more than 35 hats.
Is there someone that can help me get a quote?
If you need a special quote, or simply need help pricing out your hard hats with logo order give us a call or shoot us an email! We will be happy to help you price out your order and get it started for you.
Phone: 320-965-9310 Email: [email protected]
Why do I need to create an account?
You will need to create an account in order to place orders online. You can either sign up using your Facebook ID or enter your contact information. You will need to go to our registration page in order to create an account. Once you have created an account you will be able to see all of your online orders, saved designs, billing and shipping information and other account information.
Do I have to provide a credit card number online?
You can either pay with a credit card or select the check option. We currently accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards. If you have an American Express card, please contact our customer service department for payment options. 
Phone: 320-965-9310 Email: [email protected]