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Choose one of the reputable safety brands below and browse all our hard hats options. Don't forget to get a custom imprint on your custom hard hats! Choose from a wide variety of colors and get your name, logo, slogan, or other graphic printed directly on the shell! 

MSA Hard Hat Options |


MSA Safety is the original hard hat manufacturer, creating the world's first modern hard hat in 1930. The MSA V-Gard is among the most popular and trusted hard hats ever made with more than 100,000,000 helmets sold. 

Models Available:

ERB Hard Hat Options |


ERB Safety is a subsidiary of the Delta Plus Group, one of the world's largest manufacturers of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). ERB hard hats are made in America to provide outstanding quality and durability.

Models Available:

Fibre-Metal Hard Hat Options |


A subsidiary of Honeywell, Fibre-Metal designs some of the most advanced and comfortable hard hats available. Advanced suspension designs allow Fibre-Metal helmets to provide a comfortable, secure fit ideal for all kinds of working conditions and environments. 

Models Available:

Western Outlaw Hard Hat Options |

Western Hard Hats

For a truly unique look, you can get ANSI-certified impact protection from a hard shell molded to look like your favorite cowboy hats! Made by the American Allsafe Company in Irving, TX, Western Outlaw Hard hats are comfortable, tough, and even provide added protection from the sun and falling objects with their wide brim. 

Colors Available: