Oil Field Hard Hats

Head protection is a priority in the oil and gas industry. Laborers working in oilfields are exposed to dangers every day while on the job making it important to have the right personal protective equipment (PPE). Sources of danger in the oil industry include moving vehicles and equipment, falling equipment, and high-pressure lines.

OSHA outlines the safety hazards associated with the oil and gas industry and provides a list of required protective equipment for individuals working in the gas and oil industry. This list requires proper head protection and should comply with ANSI Type 1 which ensures that helmets are meant to reduce the force from top of head blows.

All of our hard hats meet OSHA and ANSI Type 1 standards. Depending on the working conditions of the oilfield, some hats may be a better fit than others. Things to consider are the environment, suspension features, and material of the hard hat.

Location of the oil rig is a key consideration as offshore rigs face extreme conditions compared to onshore rigs. Hard hats that come with a high point suspension system offer more protection. They also offer more comfortability and adjustability with other required protective gear.

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MSA V-Gard® Standard White Hard Hat
ERB Omega II Standard White Hard Hat
Fibre-Metal® Standard White Hard Hat
Cowboy Hard Hats
Freedom Series hard hats

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