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We have a Large Selection of Black Hard Hats Available

Black hard hats offer a unique look and feel that can really separate your crew from the crowd. The sleek look and dramatic presence help make imprinted company logos or slogans really pop and the contrast makes them stand out. Black hard hats are also perfect for on-site supervisors or job foremen to ensure that those in prominent positions are easily distinguishable.

Our most popular black hard hat is the MSA V-Gard standard. This helmet features a durable shell made from a high-density polyethylene material that’s uniquely designed to protect workers from life-threatening impacts to the head. The MSA V-Gard is also known for its incredible lightweight construction, stylish appearance, and comfortable fit.

Select your preferred option below to get started on your order. All MSA, ERB, and Fibre-Metal hard hats can be customized with a personal graphic or company logo.

Choose a black hard hat below for details and pricing.

MSA V-Gard® Standard Black Hard Hat | Customhardhats.com
ERB Omega II Standard Black Hard Hats | Customhardhats.com
ERB Americana Standard Black Hard Hats | Customhardhats.com
ERB Bump Cap® Standard Black Hard Hats | Customhardhats.com
Western Cowboy Black Hard Hat | Customhardhats.com