Full Brim Custom Hard Hats

Full brim hard hats are designed for those who want the most out of their personal protective equipment. This style makes use of a brim that wraps around the entire helmet and protects laborers’ face, shoulders, and neck from falling objects, rain, UV rays, and more. All this added protection comes at no cost to comfort – our collection of full brim hard hats features comfortable, lightweight helmets from industry-leading brands like MSA, ERB, and Fibre-Metal.

One of our best sellers, the MSA V-Gard Full Brim hard hat, is recognized on job sites throughout the world. The trademarked “V” design has become so iconic that many people quickly associate it with quality, durability, and safety. You can find the MSA V-Gard helmet and several other styles available in more than 10 colors in our complete collection. All the full brim hard hats found below can be customized with your logo, slogan and more.

MSA V-Gard Full Brim Hard Hats
ERB Omega II Full Brim Hard Hats
E-1 Fibre-Metal Full Brim Hard Hats
MSA Skullgard Full Brim Hard Hats
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