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Fibre-Metal Hard HatsFibre-Metal Hard Hats |

Order your Custom Fibre-Metal Hard Hats Online - Add up to 4 Logos Per Hat 

Please note - Due to the high demand for this style hard hat and unfortunate shortage from the manufacturer, these hats may take 4-6 weeks for an order to be completed. Please contact us for a custom production time estimate. 

Fibre-Metal Hard Hats by Honeywell are known for their performance against powerful impact forces. These impact-resistant hard hats feature the SuperEight impact energy control system which dissipates force and spreads it over a greater area versus to avoid deadly head injuries.

We offer full customization options for Fibre-Metal hard hats, the E-2 Fibre-Metal Standard Hard Hat and the E-1 Fibre-Metal Full Brim Hard Hat. Both of these options offer their own unique safety feature, click on a product category below to see the full line and their color options.