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ANSI/ISEA: Z89.1-2014 & CSA: Z94.1 2005

All hard hats are required to have labels and/or markings denoting it's standard.

  • ANSI: these labels are required to list Manufacturer, Date of Manufacture, ANSI/ISEA Z89.1, Type, Class, Head Size Range.
  • CSA: these labels are required to list Manufacturer, Model, Type, Class, Reverse Orientation Mark, Manufacture Date, Size/ Size Range, and User Warnings

Type 1: These helmets are meant to reduce the force of impact from a blow only to the top of the head; CSA: Helmet protects the crown of the head only.

Type 2: ANSI: Helmets are meant to reduce impact from both top and/ or sides of head; CSA: Helmets protect against blows to the crown and/or laterally to the head.

LT Rating: LT stands for Low Temp.  This means the helmet is designed to provide protection at low temperatures of 22°F (-30°C).

The three classes indicate the helmets electrical insulation rating:

  • Class E (electrical) are tested to withstand 20,000 volts
  • Class G (general) helmets are tested at 2,200 volts
  • Class C (conductive) provide no electrical protection

For other Safety Tips and Regulations, Visit: Sun Damage, Expiration & Manufactured Dates, & more about Ratings

Hard Hats Type Class
V-Gard® (MSA): Full Brim or Standard I E
Advance Cap® (MSA) I C
Skullgard® (MSA) I G
Omega II (ERB Industries): Full Brim or Standard I E, G, & C
Liberty (ERB Industries) I E, G, & C
Americana (ERB Industries) I E, G, & C
Fibre-Metal®  I E
Cowboy I E & G
Freedom Series™ (MSA) I E

These hard hats are great for Construction, Electrical, Telecommunication, and Oil Field workers.

All hard hats meet or exceed the applicable requirements for Type I helmet (top impact) as outlined in ANSI Z89.1 2009 and meet or exceed OSHA requirements, with the exception of the Bump Cap.

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Fibre-Metal® is a registered trademark of the Fibre-Metal Products Company - Concordville, PA.