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Our Hard Hat Customization Process

Customize Your Hard Hats | CustomHardHats.com

Here at CustomHardHats.com, we offer OSHA approved hard hats hard hats that you can customize with your company logo, slogan, or personal graphic. We accomplish this by using an advanced pad-printing technology that creates a professional-grade finish without compromising the structural integrity of the safety helmet.

The customization process begins by taking the logo or artwork you provide and recreating your graphic on an inset plate. This inset plate acts as a tiny pool where the ink will sit until a pad (a large stamp) is pressed down, lifting the ink. From there, the pad is carefully pressed onto a hard hat where the ink is transferred. 

The benefit of this specialized operation is that the image is printed directly onto the hard hat, and you don’t have to worry about your graphic fading or chipping away while on the job site. The pad-printing process also makes sure that your logo is printed consistently on each and every hard hat you order with little to no variance.

Choose your preferred hard hat style below to get started on your order. (Please note that sports team hard hats and cowboy hard hats are not customizable.) You can also call us at (320) 965-9310 if you have any questions.

1) Choose You Hard Hat Style

Full Brim Hard Hats | CustomHardHats.com 

Standard Brim Hard Hats | CustomHardHats.com

Sports Team Hard Hats | CustomHardHats.com

Cowboy Hard Hats | CustomHardHats.com

2) Choose your Color

3) Select the Quantity

  • Orders are placed in quantities of 12. Any order with less than 36 hard hats will have a $50 short-run fee applied to your order. This covers the printing setup and custom ink colors.

4) Choose your Suspension

  • Suspension options vary based on hard hat brand 

5) Choose your Logo Placement(s)

4 Print Locations for Hard Hats | CustomHardHats.com

  • All hard hats require a vectorized logo for printing. Please visit our artwork requirements page to learn more. Hard hats can have up to 4 logos depending on the brand of the hat and up to 4 different logo colors. Additionally, you have the option to add a name in place of a logo where imprint space is available. All imprint sizes are in inches.

Size of Logo Imprint Options | CustomHardHats.com

6) Choose your Accessories

Gloves | CustomHardHats.com
Safety Glasses | CustomHardHats.com
Stickers | CustomHardHats.com
Work Gloves
Safety Glasses
Custom T-Shirts | CustomHardHats.com
Suspension Units | CustomHardHats.com
Sweatbands | CustomHardHats.com
Custom T-Shirts
Suspension Units

7) Add additional information regarding your customization needs and "Add to Cart"

  • Need in hands date
  • Specific color matching
  • Multiple files uploaded and which imprint area they are for
  • If you will need assistance vectorizing your logo

Artwork Proofs:
Once we receive your order, we will put together a proof and email it to you. The proof will contain all of your order information. You will need to approve the order before it goes into production.

Production / Shipping:
Once we receive payment your order will go into production. The standard production time for printed hard hats is 12 business days. Some hard hats will need to be special ordered. Please see the specific product for the most accurate production time. You will receive an email with a link to our Live Order Tracking system so you can always see the status of your order. Once your order has shipped you will be sent a UPS shipping confirmation number.