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ANSI-Rated Type I Cowboy Style Hard HatsCowboy Hard Hats |

If you’re bored with basic hard hat shapes, get a cowboy hard hat and enjoy style and protection on the worksite. These cowboy hard hats from Jackson Safety are ANSI Type 1 certified for impact protection with a Class E electrical rating for serious workplace safety. Made from high-density polyethylene just like a typical construction hard hat for the same impact protection.

Choose from three different colors: Black, white, and tan. Each model features an adjustable four-point suspension to fit almost any head size. The replaceable fleece-feel cotton sweatband provides all-day comfort. Best of all, the wide brim is practical too, providing extra protection from rain and UV rays for your face and neck.

(Looking for hard hats to show your support for the Dallas Cowboys? Check out our Dallas Cowboys hard hat, ANSI Type II rated with logos and colors for your favorite football team.) 

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