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Standard Brim Hard Hats - Cap-Style Hard Hats

Baseball Cap-Style Hard Hats With Versatile Sun Protection And Your Custom Logo

Combine style and protection with custom cap-style hard hats from! Cap-style hard hats feature a forward brim similar to a baseball cap, providing extra protection from impacts and the sun for your eyes and forehead. Order yours with custom logos, graphics, and text printed directly on the shell! Unlike decals and stickers, our advanced printing process ensures that your graphic won’t peel or rip from daily use. 

With cap-style hard hats from trusted brands like ERBFibre-Metal, and MSA, you can get the protection you need for you and your crew. Our hard hats are OSHA Type 1 certified and available with Class E electrical certification, protecting electrical engineers in high-voltage environments from up to 20,000 volts to the head. These industry standard hard hats feature comfortable, adjustable suspensions for a versatile fit.

Browse our selection of cap-style hard hats below. Choose from a variety of colors, brands and styles! For even greater protection from the sun and from lateral blows to the head, explore our selection of full brim hard hats.

Is It Safe To Wear A Cap-Style Hard Hat Backwards?

While some kinds of hard hats are OSHA approved for reverse donning, wearing a cap-style hard hat backwards is typically not recommended. In some cases, flipping a cap-style hard hat backwards can be convenient, providing additional protection from the sun for the back of your neck or extra clearance for a welding mask.

However, the hard hat suspension and shell are designed to provide protection for your skull from falling debris when worn correctly. Wearing a hard hat backwards will also make it impossible to wear a chin strap. Whenever you’re in an environment where you want the hard hat to provide impact protection, it should be worn with the cap facing forward as intended.

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