Electrician Hard Hats

Laborers in the electric power industry are often exposed to serious hazards. As a result, it's important to have the proper equipment to avoid injuries from arc flashes, electric shock, thermal burns and falls. Hard hats for electricians must comply with OSHA and ANSI Z89 requirements while also providing protection against electrical currents.

Depending on the working conditions nad tasks performed, electricians must choose between three electrical rated hard hat classes:

  • Class E (electrical) — tested to withstand 20,000 volts
  • Class G (general) — tested to withstand 2,200 volts
  • Class C (conductive) — provide no electrical protection

The selection below features a complete lineup of OSHA/ANSI certified, Class E hard hats that are designed for electricians. All of which can be customized with a logo or slogan of your choice.

ERB Americana Standard White Hard Hat
ERB Liberty Standard White Hard Hat
ERB Omega II Standard White Hard Hat
ERB Omega II Full Brim Hard Hats
MSA V-Gard® Standard White Hard Hat

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