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Comparing Different Hard Hat Styles Hard Hat Comparison |

All personalized hard hats are made with protective properties that shield workers from potentially life-threatening impacts to the head. But there are a few key differences that make some styles more practical, safer, or comfortable based on your personal preferences and working conditions. 

This article breaks down the individual characteristics of some of our most popular hard hat styles to help you stay safe and choose the right protective gear for the job. We’ll also review key features amongst the different styles of hard hats like full brim vs cap logo hard hats, a hard hat weight comparison, and more.

  MSA V-Gard MSA Skullgard MSA V-Gard 500 Cap Fibre-Metal E-2 ERB Omega II
Shell Material High-Density Polyethylene Phenolic High-Density Polyethylene Thermoplastic High-Density Polyethylene
Brim Options Standard & Full Brim Standard & Full Brim Standard Standard Standard & Full Brim
Weight Standard: 13.8 oz.
Full brim: 15.8 oz.
Standard: 15.2 oz.
Full brim: 1.1 lbs.
13.4 oz. 1 lb. Standard: 12.8 oz.
Full brim: 1.1 lbs.
Suspension Options Staz-On or 4-Point Fas-Trac Ratchet 4-Point Fas-Trac Ratchet 4- or 6-point Fas-Trac Ratchet SuperEight 8-point Ratchet 6-point Nylon or Mega Ratchet
Color Options 20 Colors 2 Colors 7 colors 9 Colors 17 Colors
Type Type 1 (top impact) Type 1 Type 1 Type 1 Type 1
Electric Rating Class E (withstand 20,000 volts) Class G (withstand 2,200 volts) Class E Class E Class E, C & G
Ventilated No No Yes No No

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MSA V-Gard Hard Hats |

The MSA V-Gard is one of the most popular hard hat styles in the world with more than 120 million units sold. The iconic outer shell "V" design can be found on job sites everywhere and it's commonly associated with safety and reliability. The MSA V-Gard, available in standard and full brim styles, features an advanced high-density polyethylene shell that provides superior top impact protection. Weighing in at just under 14 ounces, this model is one of the lightest on the market, and over the years this hard hat has become an industry favorite for its versatility and durability. 

If you're looking for a lightweight and stylish helmet that's going to hold up against tough working conditions, the MSA V-Gard is the perfect option for you. 

MSA Skullgard

MSA Skullgard Hard Hats |

The MSA Skullgard is constructed with a durable phenolic material designed to endure extremely hot working conditions. As a result, this helmet is most commonly worn by workers in welding operations, steel mills, and the oil and gas industry for its ability to withstand temperatures up to, but not exceeding, 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The Skullgard features a smooth, rounded crown for a snug fit. It comes stock with built-in slots for easy use of welding equipment and other attachments. 

If you work in a demanding environment with exposure to high temperatures and you don't want to cut corners on safety, the MSA Skullgard is the right choice. 

MSA V-Gard 500 Cap

MSA V-Gard 500 Cap |

The MSA V-Gard 500 Cap hard hat was built with comfort and convenience in mind. The ultra-sleek design features cooling vents on the crown of the helmet for improved air circulation, contours above the ear that allow workers to comfortably wear ear protection, and a Glaregard™ just under the brim to reduce reflective glare.

These lightweight graphic hard hats are made with high-density polyethylene for increased protection against top impact blows, and it comes equipped with your choice of a 4-point or 6-point ratchet suspension that has an absorbent sweatband.

If you're looking for a comfortable hard hat with ventilation that helps you stay cool on a hot summer day, the MSA V-Gard 500 Cap is exactly what you're looking for. 

Fibre-Metal E-2

Fibre-Metal E-2 Hard Hats |

The Fibre-Metal E-2 hard hat is a versatile device that can be worn on various job sites by workers of all kinds. This helmet is designed with an advanced 8-point suspension unit and a smooth crown exterior that evenly dissipates force across eight load-bearing points. This leading-edge suspension system reduces the risk of head injuries by dispersing the energy from an impact to a larger area of the helmet. 

The stock SuperEight suspension unit also features a Swingstrap system that allows users to wear the helmet with the brim facing forward or backward without removing and reinstalling the suspension unit. 

If you're looking for a convenient, comfortable, and high-tech suspension unit with the option to wear your helmet backward, the Fibre-Metal E-2 is your best bet. 


ERB Omega II

ERB Omega II Full Brim Hard Hats |

The ERB Omega II is manufactured with high-density polyethylene for increased protection against top impact blows. This popular hard hat comes equipped with your choice of the 6-point woven nylon suspension or the Secure-Fit Mega Ratchet that uses an easy-turn knob to secure into position and maintain the desired fit. 

The Omega II also features several attachment slots that allow workers to wear chin straps, face shields, hearing protectors, and other safety regulations, the ERB Omega II is what you're looking for. 

Final Thoughts

With this overview of different hard hat styles, we hope choosing your protective headgear is a little easier. If you’re still struggling to make a decision, we also have a quick guide that details all the important aspects you should consider when selecting the right hard hat.  If you have any additional questions or you’d like to get a quote on your next order, contact us here and we’ll be happy to help.