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Custom Hard Hats for the Utilities Industry

We offer a range of hard hats designed to meet the specific needs of these utility sectors. From Class E hard hats with high electrical voltage resistance for electricians to vented and full-brim hard hats for those in water treatment and natural gas distribution, each hard hat is designed with the wearer's safety and comfort in mind. Additionally, high-visibility and lightweight hard hats are available for wind energy workers who require both visibility and protection from environmental elements. 

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Understanding the Utility Industry's Unique Challenges

The utility industry faces various challenges, including sectors such as electrical power generation and distribution, water and sewage treatment, natural gas distribution, and wind energy. Workers in these sectors are often exposed to hazardous conditions, including: 

  • High Voltage and Electrical Hazards: Especially prevalent in electrical power generation and distribution, workers are at risk of electric shocks, arc flash incidents, and other high-voltage hazards.
  • Chemical Exposures: In water and sewage treatment facilities, employees are often exposed to various chemicals used in the treatment processes, which can be harmful if proper protective measures, including headgear, are not utilized.
  • Explosive and Flammable Environments: Natural gas distribution involves working in environments with a risk of fire or explosion due to flammable gasses and materials.
  • Extreme Weather Conditions and Heights: Those working in the wind energy sector frequently face the challenges of working at significant heights and in various outdoor conditions, including strong winds and extreme temperatures.
  • Physical Hazards: Across all sectors, there's a constant risk of physical injuries due to falling objects, debris, and other workplace accidents.


Safety Solutions for Various Utility Sectors

At, all our hard hats meet OSHA and ANSI Type 1 standards. Some examples of sectors, unique challenges, and  product solutions include:

Electrical Power Generation and Distribution:


  • Challenges: Risk of electric shock arc flash incidents.
  • Solution: We offer Class E hard hats, like the MSA V-Gard, designed to withstand high voltage, providing optimal protection for electricians and power line workers.
  • Features: MSA V-Gard features cooling vents for improved air circulation, essential in physically demanding environments. This high-density polyethylene helmet is lightweight (13.4 oz.) and has a 4- or 6-point Fas-Trac Ratchet suspension.

Water and Sewage Treatment Facilities:


  • Challenges: Exposure to chemicals, falling objects, and slippery surfaces.
  • Solution: Our full-brim and vented hard hats, such as the ERB Omega II, offer extended protection against chemical splashes and improved air circulation, which is crucial in these environments.
  • Features: The ERB Omega II high-density polyethylene hard hat comes in standard and full brim options (12.8 oz. and 1.1 lbs. respectively). It offers 17 color choices and has a versatile electric rating of Class E, C, & G, making it suitable for various utility tasks. It’s also available with 6-point Nylon or Mega Ratchet suspension options.

Natural Gas Distribution:


  • Challenges: Fire hazards, explosive environments.
  • Solution: The MSA Skullgard hard hats are designed for high-temperature work conditions, making them suitable for natural gas workers who require helmets that can withstand extreme heat.
  • Features: MSA Skullgard hard hats are constructed from phenolic material, suitable for environments with extreme temperatures. Available in standard and full brim (weighing 15.2 oz. and 1.1 lbs. respectively) and offering two color options. It has a Class G electric rating, suitable for lower voltage environments.

Wind Energy:


  • Challenges: Working at heights, variable weather.
  • Solution: The Hi-Viz hard hats ensure workers are visible in all conditions, while lightweight designs like the vented hard hats provide comfort during long hours at elevation.
  • Features: You can choose from various styles to suit your workers' needs, including classic standard brim and full-brim hard hats for enhanced protection. Virtually all our hard hat models are available in at least one hi-viz color, from orange and yellow to pink and lime green.

Customization for Enhanced Safety and Branding

Safety gear should reflect your company's identity. That's why we offer customization options for all our hard hats. You can add your logo or any image to the hard hats using our high-quality printing technology, ensuring your brand is prominently displayed while maintaining the integrity and safety features of the helmet. Additionally, choose from various colors and styles to align with your company's branding or to differentiate between roles and departments within your team.

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Seamless Ordering and Dedicated Support

Ordering custom hard hats from us is straightforward and user-friendly. Whether you need a single hard hat or a bulk order, our website guides you through each step. From selecting the style and customization options to uploading your logo and completing your purchase, we ensure a hassle-free process. Our customer service team is always ready to assist with inquiries or specialized requirements. You can call us at (320) 391-5270 or [email protected]

In the utility industry, where safety is non-negotiable, is your partner in ensuring every worker is equipped with the best protection. Our hard hats are not just safety equipment; they are a commitment to the well-being of your team, tailored to meet the unique demands of your industry.

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