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How To Assemble A Hard Hat

Learn how to put together and set up your new hard hat for safety, fit & comfort

Setting up a hard hat properly simply involves installing the suspension unit which almost anyone can do quickly and easily. Unless it arrives preinstalled, you’ll have to install the suspension assembly in the hat yourself.

How To Install The Suspension

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure you have a suspension unit that’s compatible with your hard hat. To make things easy, whenever you order from, we’ll provide a compatible suspension unit for each hard hat.

For most modern hard hat designs, installing the suspension simply means inserting the tabs on the suspension into the proper slots in the helmet. It’s important that the suspension is oriented properly in the hard hat, since it may be possible with some designs to be installed backwards. The straps or ratchet assembly for loosening or tightening the headband of the suspension should always be at the back of the helmet for a proper fit. 

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How To Adjust The Suspension Fit

There are two aspects to consider when evaluating the fit of your hard hat: height and headband tightness. Many workers prefer a hard hat that sits low on the head, and dislike a hardhat that’s too tall, since it may actually make it more likely for you to strike the helmet on an overhead obstacle. That’s why many hard hat suspensions feature an adjustable height. Simply remove the suspension, adjust the suspension height, then reinstall. 

How To Wear A Hard Hat

In general, it is not advisable to wear other caps or hoods underneath your hard hat. Instead, choose accessories that are specifically designed to work with your hard hat such as cold weather liners. Wearing an additional hat under your hard hat can compromise its safety in the event of an impact. 

Furthermore, before wearing your hard hat backwards, ensure that it has been ANSI certified for reverse donning. Many (but not all!) hard hats can be safely worn backwards, creating extra clearance for a welding mask or extra protection from the sun for the back of your neck. All helmets safe for wear in the reverse position will have a symbol indicating ANSI approval for reverse donning printed inside the helmet. For example, all Fibre-Metal hard hats by Honeywell are approved for reverse donning and have reversible suspension units.

Adding Accessories

If you’re trying to assemble your safety helmet with comfort in mind, you can find aftermarket accessories for many hard hat models. You can add additional sweatbands for greater comfort in hot weather and more cushioning for a more enjoyable fit. Or, get liners for your hard hat that can keep your head warm in winter weather. There are even ways to easily, comfortably combine a welding mask or welding goggles with your hard hat for added convenience.

You can also swap out the suspension for a different model, as long as it’s compatible with your particular shell. You may want a different suspension that’s easier to adjust to the right fit. Furthermore, you may find the suspension needs to be replaced before the helmet itself requires replacement.