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Class G Hard Hat Standards | CustomHardHats.com

Class G Hard Hat Certified Hats | CustomHardHats.com

Class G: Hard Hats with this rating are meant to reduce the danger when coming in contact with low-voltage conductors.  to meet this rating, these hard hats are tested at 2,200 volts for 1 minute. All of our hard hats are Type 1 rated with varying Class ratings.


Our Hard Hat options below meet the Type 1, Class G Standard:

MSA Skullgard Hard Hats
ERB Hard Hats
Fibre-Metal Hard Hats
MSA Skullgard HardHats | CustomHardHats.com
ERB Hard Hats | CustomHardHats.com
Fibre-Metal Hard Hats | CustomHardHats.com
MSA V-Gard Standard
Freedom Series Hard Hats
Cowboy Hard Hats
MSA V-Gard Hard Hats | CustomHardHats.com
Freedom Series Hard Hats | CustomHardHats.com
Western Outlaw Hard Hats | CustomHardHats.com
MSA V-Gard Full Brim Hard Hats
MSA V-Gard Full Brim Hard Hats | CustomHardHats.com