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Hard Hat Suspensions

Hard Hat Replacement Suspensions Units |

Order Replacement Suspensions for Hard Hats from ERB, Fibre-Metal & MSA

While the shell of a durable, OSHA-certified hard hat can last up to five years, the suspension should be replaced every 12 months for optimal safety, performance, and fit. It’s easy to install a new suspension unit in your hard hat with replacement units from! We offer replacement suspension units for all our hard hats from brands including MSA, ERB & Fibre-Metal.

Suspension units ensure the shell of your safety helmet is properly secured and fits comfortably on any head shape. Make sure you choose the right suspension unit compatible with your particular hard hat model and size. An incompatible suspension can compromise the protection offered by your hard hat model, which can result in serious injury or death. 

The MSA V-Gard features a sophisticated suspension with self-adjusting straps and a ratchet headband. It’s designed to be easy to adjust while it’s on your head, even while wearing work gloves. Along with a hard hat sweatband, a properly fitted hard hat suspension can keep you comfortable on the worksite, even in hot, sweaty conditions. See more about Hard Hat Suspension Units for the Oil/ Petroleum Industry, Electrical Industry, and Telecommunications Industry. Keep your hard hat properly fitted for the best protection with a replacement suspension unit from

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